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2023 Summer School is now accepting applications!


"I really enjoyed teaching the students on the programme. They were incredibly enthusiastic and engaging, and they excelled in the
problem-solving activities."

Dr Paul Elliott

Director of Studies in Biology 

 Homerton College, the University of Cambridge

"I think anyone who is interested in Cambridge should all come to this Summer School. My experience here was valuable and unforgettable."

Judy is currently reading economics at the University of Cambridge

"You will experience what it is like to study at Cambridge University. The courses I took were super inspiring and interesting, and you will have lots of fun in classes."

Justin is currently studying Environmental Science at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)

"The residential accommodation is clean, safe and secure and, during term time, it is used by full-time students attending degree courses at Clare College. The premises are maintained to a high standard by the University of Cambridge."

British Accreditation Council Inspection Report 2017

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