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“Since the Summer SchooI at Cambridge International Academy, I have been pursuing additional academic opportunities such as math competitions and financial literary competitions. The scholarship has helped in terms of giving me the confidence and perseverance to compete in these competitions. It has given me the work ethic and developed my motivation to chase after my goals, even if I am unsure of the results."

Our scholarship student told us about additional academic opportunities they have pursued due to the summer school provided by the scholarship.



Cambridge International Academy is committed to making quality education more accessible through its scholarship scheme. The Academy began awarding scholarships to our online course students in 2020. 


The Academy extended the scholarships to include its residential summer school in 2023. A total of 20 places were wholly or partially funded.


In 2024 the Academy will provide a maximum of 40 scholarship places with a mixture of partially and fully funded awards for both UK and international students. 


Cambridge International Academy Residential Summer School aims to provide a transformative experience that immerses students in the academic and social life in Cambridge. Students will attend lectures and seminars delivered by Cambridge academics and PhD researchers, participate in academic workshops and practical sessions, and engage in social activities and day trips. It also offers students an opportunity to develop their academic skills and explore potential career paths.


The Summer School is held in Clare College and other colleges, University of Cambridge. Cambridge International Academy contracts Clare College and other colleges for the use of facilities but otherwise has no connection or association with Clare College or other colleges and the University of Cambridge.

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