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Online British Culture & History 

DATES: 18 - 29 JULY 2022 (Mondays - Fridays)


The online enrichment courses on British Culture & History aim to bring a bit of Britishness your way.

Our approach is fun, informal and interactive. You will be given a chance to ask questions at the end of, and sometimes during, each session.

D1: 18/07 Mon Music - classical & folk        

D2: 19/07 Tue Music - jazz, modern, rock, pop         

D3: 20/07 Wed Family life - love of garden, 4 legged friends, camping holiday, a 'typical' family

D4: 21/07 Thu Food - 'British' food, table manners, shopping for food

D5: 22/07 Fri Do's and Don'ts: a guide to etiquette

D6: 25/07 Mon The UK explained - England, GB, UK

D7: 26/07 Tue Diversity in historical context - migration, colonialism and Commonwealth

D8: 27/07 Wed Diversity today - LGBTQ+, racial & ethnic groups, social inclusion/exclusion, equality/inequality 

D9: 28/07 Thu How English is really spoken in the UK

D10: 29/07 Fri University life in the UK          

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