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The Indigenous Global Award stands as a beacon of inspiration and opportunity for indigenous youth. Aimed at cultivating the next generation of global leaders, the award offers a 2-week transformative academic summer experience with the Cambridge International Academy, housed within the historic University of Cambridge. 

Are you an Indigenous youth aged between 15 and 25 with an interest in global opportunities?

Partners & Sponsors

The Indigenous Global Award is an unique initiative designed to inspire and empower Indigenous youths to become global leaders. By partnering or sponsoring the Indigenous Global Award, your company will play a crucial role in transforming their lives. 

Global Opportunity for Indigenous Youth

By immersing students in a world-class educational environment, the Award empowers young Indigenous minds to embrace their potential, build leadership skills, and forge a path towards impactful global contributions. 

An exclusive Career Insight Day not only broadens their understanding of the professional landscape but also equips them with practical insights and connections that can shape their future careers, inspiring them to envision and pursue their own paths in the global economy.

Learn with the experts

All courses are taught by professors, fellows and researchers associated with the University of Cambridge

Finance with Geopolitics

Finance & Economics

The Finance taster course introduces students to the modern mechanics of money, banking, and monetary policy. Students explore Modern Monetary Theory, and the key debates and theories in modern finance, e.g. Do commercial banks create money? Is Quantitative Easing basic monetisation? Capital Asset Pricing Models and Financial Market Performance. Topics to be covered: 1. What is Money and Where does it come from? 2. The Mechanics of Modern Banking and the Creation of Commercial Bank Money 3. Term Structure of Interest Rates and Efficient Market Hypothesis 4. Capital Asset Pricing Models. The Economics taster course provides an introduction to the principles and policies in economics – the toolkit of economists. We use real world economic problems and policy issues to introduce the key elements of this toolkit. You will learn how aggregate economic activity is measured, what drives growth and how income is distributed. We examine how shocks get amplified and lead to boom and bust cycles, and how fiscal and monetary policies can mitigate these cycles. We will cover labour markets and unemployment as well as financial markets and inflation.

International Relations

The world is in a constant state of change. Embracing the idea of a world order, or rather a world disorder, our International Relations (IR) taster course pursues the meaning and scope of international relations, state and non-state actors, theory versus practice, people and street politics as well as international relations in times of turbulence. Doing so we explore questions such as the following: What do we mean by a ‘world order’ and what challenges is this order facing today? Are states still the main centres of power in the world? What roles are international organisations and non-state actors playing in domestic and world politics and how are these actors, among others, challenging the traditional role of states in IR? What role do ordinary citizens occupy in politics and what do we mean by legitimate versus illegitimate public demands? What role do ordinary citizens occupy in politics and what do we mean by legitimate versus illegitimate public demands? Lastly, what major and unforeseen events have shaped our contemporary world, particularly, how did they impact the relationship among states, non-state actors and the world’s population?

Engineering with Leadership

Engineering & Maths

The Engineering taster course is modelled on the content taught in the first year of an undergraduate degree in Engineering at a UK University. Starting with an introduction to the wide variety of different areas engineers may encounter, you will then explore areas such as mathematics for engineers, physics for engineers, mechanical and civil engineering, electrical engineering, aeronautical engineering and general problem solving. The Maths taster course begins with sessions on first-year university-level linear algebra. Students learn about properties of 2x2 and 3x3 matrices and gain an intuition for how matrices represent transformations of physical systems. We define and build an intuitive understanding of eigenvalues and eigenvectors, which are crucial for studies in applied mathematics, physics, and engineering. The second part of the course builds students’ calculus skills. The primary focus is on taking existing knowledge of differentiation and integration of single-variable polynomial and trigonometric functions, and extending this into functions of two and three variables. These skills are applied to 2D and 3D problems in physics and engineering, such as finding the centre of mass of objects. As in the first part of the course, we build a visual intuition of the concepts along the way; there will be little memorisation or heavy text-based work. This is to help students understand the purpose and applications of what they are learning.


The Leadership taster course is designed to equip you with the fundamental skills and insights essential for effective leadership in today's dynamic and diverse organisational environments. Throughout this course you will delve into key areas such as cultural competence, effective communication, problem-solving, and fostering innovation. These components are critical in navigating the complexities of modern leadership roles. The sessions are a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, ensuring a holistic learning experience. Experienced instructors will guide you through interactive discussions, case studies, and hands-on exercises, providing real-world insights and actionable strategies. You'll engage in activities designed to enhance your cultural intelligence, improve your communication techniques, and refine your problem-solving abilities, all while fostering a mindset geared towards innovation and continuous improvement. For an emerging leader aiming to build a strong foundation, this course offers valuable opportunities for growth and development. By the end of this programme, you will have the confidence and capability to lead with vision, integrity, and adaptability, driving success and fostering a positive, inclusive culture within an organisation.

Career Insight Day

An exclusive Career Insight Day hosted by leading Canadian corporations in London. This unique experience offers the Award winners an invaluable glimpse into the dynamic world of multinational Canadian companies operating in a global hub. This immersive experience not only broadens their understanding of the professional landscape but also equips them with practical insights and connections that can shape their future careers, inspiring them to envision and pursue their own paths in the global economy.

A group of 2023 Summer School students from Canada visited The High Commisssion of Canada in the United Kingdom

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All students will take part in Debating course. The British Parliamentary style is one of the most popular forms of debating. It was first used by British universities but has been widely adopted by universities around the world. 
Our debating classes are fun, engaging and competitive. Students will be surprised at how quickly they improve their critical thinking skills and articulate their ideas strategically. The great benefits of debating are consolidating the confidence to speak in public, honing their ability to construct logical arguments and perfecting the art of persuasion. 

What is included?

Sponsored summer school: (standard fee £5,800)

  • Choose Finance with Geopolitics or Engineering with Leadership

  • Career Insight Day

  • 13 nights Accommodation 

  • 3 Meals per day

  • Daily educational & cultural activities 

  • 4 day trips & transportation

  • Formal Dinner, photo & certificate

  • Travel & Medical Insurance

Return air ticket between the UK and Canada​

Dates: 07-20 July 2024 or 11-24 Aug 2024


Pastoral Care & Enrichment Activities

As we believe in working hard, we also believe in playing hard. This is why you will engage in educational, cultural and fun activities alongside studying.

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