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For students who want to...

  • Actively acquire subject knowledge beyond the school curriculum.

  • Complete a research-based essay in your chosen topic area.

  • Develop and demonstrate research, writing and presentation skills.

Certificate and reference letter are issued by Cambridge International Academy.​

Online Research Essay Project
Winter Term: 07 Jan - 31 Mar

You may choose to research any of the following areas:

  • Biochemistry

  • Biomedical

  • Computer Science

  • Engineering

  • Life Science

  • Medicine

  • Natural Science

  • Physics

Here is a snapshot...

What do students think?

"I like my supervisor's teaching style. He explained everything in detail and I can follow him very easily. I learned a lot in each single class"

Leah completed a Life Science research essay project in spring 2021. She is now studying at Imperial College London.

"The Physics and Engineering courses I took were extremely well-taught. Our tutor explained everything clearly and logically"

David studied two online courses with the Academy in autumn 2020. He has since been studying Engineering at the University of Oxford

The Development of Your Research Essay

At the time of registration, you may only have a general interest in the research areas. During the first 2-3 weeks of the course, you will be able to narrow down to a specific area of interest. Halfway through the course, you will have reviewed a range of journals and decided upon your research topic. Applying all the skills you will acquire from the seminars and personalised knowledge guidance from the supervisions, you will complete your research essay by the 11th week. You will spend your final week preparing for your presentation.


  • Fees: £1,980

  • Course Duration: 12 weeks

  • Venue: Online (Zoom)

  • Ages: 16+


  • Recording of live classes

  • Access to resources

  • Regular assignments with feedback


  • 16 seminar lectures

       (max 4 students per group)

  • 10 personalised supervisions (one-to-one)


  • Engagement (10%)

  • Assignments (10%)

  • Essay (70%)

  • Presentation & Viva  (10%)


  • 60-80 hours 

  • Journal research

  • Experimental research

  • Assignments


  • Distinction

  • Highly Commended

  • Merit

  • Pass

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