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Online Course: Research-based Project

Applying STEM Solutions in the Real World

Are you inspired to help solve the world's problems through academic and professional learning?


Apply for the Autumn Term: 23 Sept - 13 Dec 2024

For anyone wanting to ...

01. Learn

Learn with world-class scientists, engineers and researchers.

02. Acquire

Actively acquire the latest research and solutions in the field of STEM.

03. Develop

Develop research skills for academic and professional purposes.  

04. Showcase

Showcase technical solutions in an aaademic and professional manner. 

Students will gain ...

01. Skills

The project-based approach ensures that students develop important skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and effective communication. These skills are essential for both academic and professional success​.

02. Presentation

Each student will complete a STEM project of their choosing, which addresses a real-world issue. This project is conducted in a small group and involves various stages, including initial design, research, development, and final presentation.

03. Essay

At the end of the course, students present their solution to their peers and tutors. Those who upgrade to one-to-one supervisions will complete a 2,000 words university-level acamemic essay and a presentation. Examples.

04. Certificate

Upon successful completion of the course and their project, students receive a Certificate of Achivement. This certificate not only recognises their achievement but also serves as a valuable addition to their academic portfolio.

Which STEM area to focus on?

If you only have a general idea of an area of STEM in which you might be interested, don't worry. During the first two weeks of the course, you will be guided to narrow down to a more specific area of interest.


Half way through the course, you will be guided to choose and review a range of academic and professional journals and decide upon the world problem you want to solve.


Applying all the skills you will acquire from the seminars and group project, you will be able to showcase your solution in a small group presentation.


For students upgrading to additional one-to-one personal supervisions, you will complete a research-based extended essay.

Information about the course


  • Dates: 23 Sep - 13 Dec 2024

  • Costs: £2,500 - £3,200 contact us for a school rate

  • Venue: Online (Zoom)

  • Ages: 16+


  • Recording of live seminar lectures

  • Learning material and research journals

  • Greded assignments with feedback

  • Certificate


  • Interactive seminar lectures: 20 hours

       (max 10 students)

  • Group: 10 hours (max 3 students)

  • Or upgrade:10 hours (one-to-one)


  • Attendance & engagement (10%)

  • Assignments (20%)

  • Presentation or Essay  (70 %)

100% in total​


  • Presentation: 60 hours (5 hours per week)

  • Essay: 80 hours (6-7 hours per week)

  • Hours and points are listed in your certificate


  • Distinction

  • Highly Commended

  • Merit

  • Pass

Student Reviews

"I like my supervisor's teaching style. He explained everything in detail and I can follow him very easily. I learned a lot in each single class"

Leah completed a Life Science research essay project in spring 2021. She is now studying at Imperial College London.

"The Physics and Engineering courses I took were extremely well-taught. Our tutor explained everything clearly and logically"

David studied two online courses with the Academy in autumn 2020. He has since been studying Engineering at the University of Oxford

Online Course: Research-based Project

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