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UK / Canada Scholarships
(fully funded)

For students of the UK and Canada only

To apply for our UK and Canada fully funded scholarships, your UK or Canada school/charity needs to be participating in this scheme. If your school/charity is not participating but would like to, please submit the form below and we will be in touch shortly. In 2024 Summer School, the fully funded scholarships are only available to UK and Canada students.


How to apply?

A fully funded scholarship covers:

  • 40 hours of academic learning

  • Accommodation (13 nights)

  • Full board (3 meals a day)

  • Costs of scheduled activities and day trips

  • Transportation costs of scheduled activities

  1. Check if your school/charity is participating in the Scholarship Scheme.

  2. Check your eligility and that you meet the entry requirements for your course.

  3. Complete and submit your summer school application form here.

  4. Complete and submit your scholarship application form here


Applications open: 01 Mar 2024

Applications close: 30 Apr 2024

Results announced 31 May 2024

  1. Meet entrance requirements of the path you have chosen.

  2. Be a UK or Canadian citizen/have the right to reside in the UK/Canada & study at a UK/Canadian government funded school, 

  3. Be the first in your family to be applying to university, or have been eligible to qualify for free school meals in the last three years, or nominated by a charity for underrepresented groups.

  4. Be currently enrolled in a UK/Canada school/charity that is participating in Cambridge International Academy Scholarship Scheme.

  5. Submit all relevant evidence within required the deadline.

  6. Be available to attend for the whole duration of the residential summer school in Cambridge, UK.

How do we evaluate candidates?
This is a very competitive scholarship and we take a holistic approach in assessing the awardees of the fully funded scholarships. This includes:

  • academic commitment and achievement, 

  • contributions to local, regional, national or international communities,

  • social and leadership experience.

Find out more about our decision-making and our advisory committee.

Eligibility Criteria


UK/Canada School/Charity  sign up

Thank you! We'll be in touch shortly.

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