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UK Scholarship

Year 12 students

Cambridge International Academy is offering 20 scholarships to eligible UK state school students for our upcoming 2023 summer school. This is part of our ongoing mission to make quality education more accessible. 


Our Summer School aims to provide a transformative experience that immerses students in the academic and social life in Cambridge. It also offers students an opportunity to develop their academic skills and explore potential career paths. The Summer School is held in Clare College, University of Cambridge.

Year 8/9 students

Are you a Year 8 / Year 9 student who aspires to study STEM at university?

Here is your chance to attend a 2 week fully funded residential Summer School in Cambridge. 

The Summer School is run by Cambridge International Academy. You will be taught by academics and PhD researchers from some of the UK’s leading universities, including Cambridge and Oxford.

The Summer School programme includes: 

  1. carrying out a research project based on a STEM topic of your choice.

  2. public speaking and presentation classes

  3. understanding the university application process and researching what and where you might like to study.

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