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Free Online Taster Session

Find out more about studying on the Summer School programmes by joining our taster sessions. Immerse yourself in a sneak peek of what our courses have to offer, expertly presented by our accomplished lecturers.

STEM: 2nd of March

Social Sciences: 9th of March



Date: 2nd March

Hours: 14:00 to 16:00

STEM Discovery

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Topic - coming soon


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Multiplying a matrix: learning how to work with multi-dimensional numbers

Tables of data store information, such as population and migration data. But did you know that you can multiply two tables together to obtain new information, using objects like vectors and matrices? We will go through an example of matrix-vector multiplication, showing an every-day example. The taster course for mathematics will provide a full introduction to this branch of mathematics, known as 'linear algebra'.


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Organic Chemistry: Structure and Bonding

We will touch on molecular orbital theory and discuss the real structure of an atom according to its cloud of probability density. We will then zoom in to the four flavours of atomic orbitals: s, p, d, and f orbitals, and how the s and p orbitals hybridise to form bonds.


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The central dogma – breaking the code of life

In this taster session, we will dive into the journey of how biological life is encoded – from DNA all the way to proteins and cells. How can four different letters, i.e. DNA bases (A, C, T, G) explain the complexity of a human being? We will analyse ways nature has found to increase complexity at the DNA, RNA and protein level to lead to the development of a mammalian cell, and eventually – a human being.


Social Sciences

Date: 9th March

Hours:14:00 to 16:00


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Do banks create money? How do central banks finance quantitative easing programmes? Is the fiscal deficit a myth in advanced economies? We explore these questions and their macroeconomic effects during the taster session.

International Relations

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From world order to world disorder 

From economic crises to cyber security attacks to climate change to the COVID-19 pandemic, the challenges facing our world today are numerous and diverse. During this session we explore some of these challenges showing their profound impact on states, populations and the contemporary world order, which is rapidly changing and increasingly heading in unforeseen directions.


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Global Inequality

Since the day of Karl Marx, global inequality was largely determined by class position within a country. However, much of global inequality today is determined by location or country of birth. This means a citizen born in a wealthy country benefits from a citizenship rent. Is this morally objectionable? Do citizenship rents justify open borders or open migration policy? We explore these questions and others during the taster session.


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The Family, Social Change and Gender Identity

Family relations and gender identities have been undergoing tremendous change in recent years. This session will examine these changes and present some of the explanations which sociologists have offered to account for them. It will also reflect upon how our individual lives are shaped by social processes, increasingly heading in unforeseen directions.

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